How does this product support a cheerful life

This convenient, smooth and delicious beverage combines some of the most-revered energy-boosting natural ingredients to boost brain and athletic performance with no compromise on your balance.

Coffee and MCT coconut oil work together to improve your energy levels, enhance endurance and stimulate fat burning.

Coffee is also rich in antioxidants to balance out any excess free radicals in the body, allowing you to maintain healthy muscles and avoid chronic fatigue. It can also support brain and heart health.

Ashwagandha is believed to speed up muscle growth, relieve pain, and improve sleep quality, stress levels and recovery.

Made with care and thoughtfulness

Cheerful Buddha embodies kindness in all we do, from sourcing to crafting our coffee. With deep respect for the Earth and our customers, we select premium ethical Arabica Colombian coffee beans that provide superior benefits to help protect and enhance your health and encourage you to minimise waste.

Cheerful Buddha coffee beans come from sustainable farms, and we collaborate closely with the locals to ensure a fair collaboration at all stages.

Roasted in the UK, our luxury Arabica Colombian beans display a rich aroma that's further revealed by employing precise temperature control at the point of roast.

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