Peace, love & positive existence

Cheerful Buddha represents peace, love and a positive existence and we try to carry that into everything we do, respecting all our wonderful clients.

We were founded in 2019 with the goal of harnessing the health and goodness found in nature, infusing this into easily consumed food and drinks. We created delicious hassle-free, daily health and wellness routines with unique “best-in-class” 100% natural products.

Our Ingredients

We only use the highest quality natural ingredients extracted from plants, and we never forget that a positive existence is balanced and sustainable. Our website also hopes to educate people as to the wonders of plants and fungi, which human civilisation has cultivated and used as a medicine for thousands of years.

Cheerful Buddha’s founders always had a deep interest in the medicinal properties of hemp and superfoods, their ability to act as natural mood boosters, and an alternative to pharmaceuticals.

Tested and Certified

All our Colombian coffee beans are Rainforest Alliance (“RFA”) Certified, and unlike other CBD coffee makers, we never use artificial flavourings or added sugars in any of our products. Instead, our CBD is carried in organic MCT coconut oil, which creates a fresher, lighter taste.

We have followed this principle with our CBD Dark Chocolate. With an abundance of flavanols, our high-quality dark chocolate offers a rich source of Polyphenols. These naturally-occurring antioxidants can also be found in fruits and vegetables. Our luxury ethically sourced 70% Colombian dark chocolate has been combined with the re-energising properties of CBD, making this deliciously dark treat 100% guilt-free and healthy.

Both of our unique product ranges enable the on-the-go use of CBD and enable a delicious method of delivery. These products have also undergone the rigours of novel food safety and stability testing and are, therefore, on the Food Standards Agency (“FSA”) public list.

A Mushroom Market Leader

We are proud to be a market leader in the superfood and functional mushroom space. Like CBD, this space is undergoing explosive growth and consumer interest. There is rightly a surging popularity of mushrooms, for their sustainability and unique health and wellness properties.

Documentaries, such as “Fantastic Fungi” on Netflix, are helping more people gain knowledge about the incredible role mushrooms play in our ecosystems, and the historical use of mushrooms such as Lion’s Mane, Chaga and Reishi in eastern medicine for their anti-inflammatory properties. These properties are thought to help to alleviate anxiety, boost immune systems and improve moods.
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