CBD Products

Why buy our CBD coffee?

The perfect way to incorporate CBD oil into your daily routine, our coffee will leave you feeling energised, without giving you those frustrating jitters that an ordinary caffeinated cuppa might.

A luxury arabica Colombian blend, delicately infused with CBD oil. Our coffee is 100% natural - we chose Colombian beans, as they are renowned for their distinctively rich aroma. We roast our coffee right here in the UK, so we know the perfect temperatures needed to release all the nuanced coffee notes.

Why buy our CBD Chocolate?

Inspired by the restorative effects of Hemp plants, Cheerful Buddha wanted to create something which allowed you to enjoy the health-enhancing properties of CBD in delicious and easy-to-consume edibles.

We think that chocolate is one of the best things to nibble on, which is why we had to create our luxury CBD chocolate : the first of its kind, this single-origin 70% dark chocolate uses cocoa beans sustainably sourced from the only cocoa plantation in Seram Island, Indonesia.

Why buy our CBD Drops?

CBD oil drops are a versatile solution for anyone who wants to supplement CBD in their diet. They are an exceptionally convenient option allowing you to dose your CBD intake depending on your individual needs.

CBD Oil drops can be taken sublingually or added to a variety of recipes from smoothies and shakes to bakes. Blended with MCT and natural essential oils, Cheerful Buddha CBD drops have a fresher, lighter and significantly easier-to-enjoy taste than most conventional CBD drops. They contain no additional chemicals, are suitable for vegans, non-GMO and laboratory-tested to ensure they contain no THC.
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