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We use an expertly developed process to extract the highest quality CBD from hemp and third-party test it to ensure that it contains no THC (i.e., the mind-altering chemical).

Instead, it resembles the endocannabinoids naturally produced by the human body allowing you to get an extra boost during periods of increased stress when the body's endocannabinoid system (ECS) is likely to be weakened.

A healthy ECS is linked to improved mood, cognition, sleep and sports recovery, and can fight inflammation and provide pain relief.

Coffee and CBD are both rich in antioxidants, the mighty molecules known for their ability to keep free radicals levels in check.

What our customer say

Made with care and thoughtfulness

It is in Cheerful Buddha's DNA to promote kindness in all of its forms – and that includes the way we make & source our coffee.

With reverence for the planet and our customers, we select and further infuse only the highest quality coffee beans to protect your health and allow you to get more of the benefits in each cup which results in reduced consumption and less waste. Our ethically sourced beans come from sustainable farms in Colombia, where we closely work with the locals to ensure everyone is left feeling satisfied.

We use luxury Arabica Colombian beans, renowned for their distinctively rich aroma, which we roast in the UK. This allows us to carefully oversee the entire process, ensuring that the perfect temperatures needed to release all the nuanced coffee notes are used.

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