3 Ways To Use CBD Coffee

CBD Coffee

Coffee is a revitalising and energetic bean with a flavour loved by many. The benefits of coffee are reaped all around the world; some people can’t even imagine beginning a morning without it. What if we told you that we could make your morning even better with CBD coffee?

Simply Replace Your Morning Brew:

The simplest way to use our smooth and tasty Colombian blend CBD Infused coffee is by switching out your usual choice. Whether that be instant in a mug, a flat white at the office or even a cup of tea - you can easily make this swap.

You can spice up your drink by throwing in some of your usual coffee combinations. Experiment with different kinds of milk such as almond, oat or soy.

If you’re fond of added flavours such as vanilla or mocha - throw them in here too! The possibilities are just waiting to be explored by you.

Many people have chosen to add CBD into their daily coffee to help reduce some of the anxiety or jitteriness that you can expect to receive from this caffeinated drink. Whether it’s heart-pounding or “the shakes”, if you’re a coffee drinker, you can be expected to have experienced this sensation before.

By bringing these two opposites together, you may find yourself in the perfect sweet spot - energised and relaxed. It sounds like a match made in heaven already.

On top of that, drinkers can expect to reap the benefits of CBD without having to smoke or change any aspect of their morning routine.

This is why we have created our enticing and delicious CBD infused coffee.

CBD Infused Coffee Cake:

This is a delightful option for those of us who have a sweet tooth.

Coffee cake is sweet, moist and flavourful. You can top it with a buttercream frosting and pair it with your favourite hot beverage.

The ingredients are usually the same, including flour, butter, sugar, baking powder, eggs and of course your choice of coffee - in this case, being Cheerful Buddha’s incredible CBD coffee.

You can cut yourself a slice whenever you’re looking to unwind or indulge. It is a great treat to truly relax with.

Try including a delicious cup of our coffee in place of water in your favourite dessert sometime. You may be surprised by it!

Cooking with CBD Coffee:

Now, a coffee cake may not seem like much of a surprise to anyone, but what about adding coffee into your main meal?

We have been inspired by this coffee-rubbed steak from bon appetite. Use this delightful flavour to your advantage by sprinkling it in with your favourite cuts of meat or seitan.

It can be expected to deliver a smokey and deeper flavour and aroma.

While that is just one example, get experimenting in the kitchen.

There are always new ways to transform your creations and CBD coffee beans may be the ingredient you didn’t even know you were looking for.

CBD Infused Coffee Benefits

Now that you know some methods which will allow you to have some fun with your coffee we’re going to talk about the benefits and what it’s advantages and benefits are.

The human body contains an endocannabinoid system and when CBD interacts with it, you can feel some enhancements such as stress relief and pain relief. CBD can also boost your mood as shown in this study.  

Cheerful Buddha has delicious CBD coffee products available as beans, ground and decaf.

Please browse our selection to find the right option for you.


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