Can CBD Lose Its Potency Over Time?

Can CBD Lose Its Potency Over Time?

CBD oil is a natural product, and like all good things, CBD potency declines over time. The better the quality of the CBD products you buy, the more stable the shelf life. But if you're eager to know more about CBD potency over time and how best to store your coffees and edibles, read on.

How Long Does CBD Last?

On average, your CBD oil will be good for one to two years, and if you use it regularly, that won’t be a problem. However, if you’re thinking of stocking up, you need to be aware that CBD does lose its potency over time.

While your CBD oil doesn’t need to be stored in the fridge, as a general rule, you should replace opened products after two years. However, we recommend that you use your CBD products within six months for the best results.

What Affects CBD Potency?

How long your CBD oil and other products last will depend on several factors. If you want to get better value for money, look out for the following:

Quality: Perhaps unsurprisingly, the better the quality of your CBD products, the longer they last.

Ingredients: Every ingredient in a CBD product has its own shelf life, including the RFA certified Arabica beans in our coffee and the single-origin cacao in our bean-to-bar chocolate.

Extraction process: The supercritical C02 extraction method is considered the gold standard for C02 oil. We only use this high-quality oil from Home Office licensed hemp growers in our CBD products.

Packaging: Like most high-quality CBD oil, our flavoured drops are packaged in attractive amber coloured glass bottles. The packaging helps protect the oil from exposure to light and air and maintain its potency for longer.

How Can I Tell if CBD Oil Has Lost Its Potency?

CBD oil won’t turn rancid or make you sick. However, there are several tell-tale signs that your CBD oil may be past its test:

Check the expiration date: If you notice something a little off about your CBD oil, or it smells funky rather than pleasantly earthy, check the expiration date on the bottle.

Check texture and colour: If the oil hasn’t been stored in the fridge and it’s murky and cloudy, the chances are it’s past its best. A colour change can also indicate that the compounds are breaking down and the oil is past its best.

Check the smell and taste: Fresh oil smells and tastes earthy and nutty. If your CBD oil smells and tastes unpleasant, it’s time to order new products.

How Should I Store My CBD Oil Products?

Although cannabinoids degrade naturally over time, storing your CBD products in a cool, dark place should help you enjoy them for as long as possible. But these handy tips can also help to extend shelf life and CBD potency:

  • Always keep your CBD products in their original packaging and store bottles upright.
  • Once you’ve opened a bottle of CBD oil, make sure you reseal it tightly to prevent oxidation.
  • Don’t store CBD oil or other products in direct sunlight, as this can diminish CBD potency.
  • If you’re using a spoon or dropper, never double dip as this can contaminate the oil with bacteria.
  • Minimise exposure to heat, light and moisture as much as possible and never carry your CBD oil around with you for long periods.

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