CBD Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

CBD cold brew coffee recipe

You can brew coffee in a number of ways. Most methods involve infusing ground coffee in hot water, however, you can also whip up a delicious batch using the cold brew method. Why not kick your cold brew coffee up a notch by using CBD infused beans or CBD drops? Here’s how!

How to make CBD cold brew with Cheerful Buddha’s CBD coffee

When brewing up a cup of refreshing coffee with hot water, you usually steep the ground coffee for a few minutes. With the cold brew method, however, you steep the coffee for around 12 hours. While it takes longer, it yields fantastic results.

Here are two ways to get the most out of your cold brew with our CBD coffee:

Using CBD coffee beans

Our coffee beans are infused with top-quality hemp-derived CBD to provide you with energy and invigoration without the caffeine jitters.

To cold brew your CBD infused coffee, you’ll need cold water (preferably filtered), and ground coffee. You can either buy pre-ground CBD coffee, however, purchasing coffee beans means you can get the best grind size — a coarse grind is best for cold brew.

Add 10g of CBD coffee for every 100ml of water into a cafetiere or cold brew bottle. Give the mixture a gentle stir, then leave it to steep for 12 hours (overnight works well).

If you’d like to prepare cold brew coffee to keep you going for the whole week, you can increase the amount of coffee and liquid, brewing it in a large bowl or bucket lined with a muslin cloth bag. Once your coffee has been brewed, you can decant it into glass bottles and store them in the fridge until you’re ready to drink them.

Using CBD Drops

Another way to benefit from CBD properties in your cuppa is to simply add a couple of drops of CBD to your brewed drink.

You can go for unflavoured drops or add an extra dimension to your CBD cold brew coffee with our Chocolate & hazelnut option. Whether you drink your cold brew black or add a dash of milk (dairy or plant-based), these CBD drops will add an element of rich nuttiness and depth of flavour.

An additional benefit of using CBD drops is that you can choose the strength. At Cheerful Buddha, we have 3%, 5%, and 10% CBD oral drops in three irresistible flavours so you can monitor how much CBD you consume.

Enjoying CBD ground coffee

You can drink CBD coffee at any time. Because hemp-derived CBD coffee and drops don’t contain detectable levels of THC (the psychoactive ingredient found in cannabis), it won’t get you high. Instead, CBD can help take the edge off strong caffeinated drinks, reducing the anxiety that some people experience when drinking coffee. Many people also find that CBD coffee can help them feel more focused.

Alongside cold brewing, you can prepare CBD ground coffee just as you would prepare any other coffee. You can add it to a drip filter machine, use a stovetop Moka pot or use a cafetiere, for instance.

CBD coffee also makes a great addition to cakes and other delicious desserts.

Shop at Cheerful Buddha

Whether you’re finding yourself sensitive to the effects of caffeine or you just want to try a new way of ingesting CBD, our range of CBD infused coffee is a great place to start. It’s versatile, delicious, and allows you to experience the benefits of CBD in an effective way. And it’s Rainforest Alliance certified!

However you decide to brew your coffee, take a look at our ground and whole bean varieties. We also have a decaffeinated option so you can enjoy the flavour of coffee and the wellbeing properties of CBD without the caffeine.


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