Could CBD Coffee Help Relieve Pain?

Could CBD Coffee Help Relieve Pain?

CBD has become a relatively new buzzword in the fields of health and lifestyle, and we wouldn’t blame you for wondering what all the hype is about! CBD is a compound, also known as a cannabinoid, that is sourced from the stems, leaves and flowers of hemp plants. The compound can actually be found in many plants, despite its strong associations with cannabis. However, unlike its sister plant THC, CBD offers no euphoric high or psychoactive effects. It is actually an entirely different compound, that instead of effecting a person’s state of mind, works to encourage the body to use its own endocannabinoid system more effectively. That’s right, the human body naturally has an endocannabinoid system that exists to regulate sleep, immune response and pain!

The rise of CBD to treat pain

Recent years have seen many people popularise the use of CBD to relieve pain. However, this is not a new invention and CBD has been used for thousands of years to treat various kinds of ailments.

Some popular uses of CBD include arthritis pain, muscle spasms and chronic pain. Those with arthritis have experienced success with topical gels, but also ingesting a dose of CBD oil every day to reduce the inflammation and the pain it causes. Muscle spasms can be another great source of pain and CBD offers a quick fix to relieve the pain caused by the spasms. Initial scientific tests have shown that those with muscle spasms reported a reduction in their symptoms. CBD has become a popular treatment for general chronic pain due to its lack of side effects, with many claiming regular doses have helped reduce their pain and inflammation. Drinking a CBD infused coffee is a great way to get your dose in without having to remember to take a capsule or oil.

What does science say?

Many health experts will agree that although there have already been many studies demonstrating the positive effects CBD can have on pain, there is still much research needed in this field. However, CBD has shown great potential for relieving pain and it is something those struggling with pain should look into experimenting with. The lack of side effects, its non-addictive nature and lack of intoxicating effects mean that CBD is a safe supplement to take regularly, especially in a cannabidiol coffee.

It is important to source your CBD coffee from a reliable and respectable store to ensure the product is of good quality and has been obtained through legal channels.



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