Everything You Need To Know About CBD Coffee

Everything You Need To Know About CBD Coffee

Everything you need to know about CBD coffee

Hemp and CBD have become buzzwords in the world of health and lifestyle, and the latest trend to take the world by storm is CBD coffee. But what is CBD and why would you want it in your coffee? This article is here to answer these important questions!

What are the benefits of CBD coffee?

CBD is a product of the hemp plant, specifically found in the stems, leaves and flowers. It has become incredibly popular recently due to many believing it relieves anxiety, pain, insomnia and boosts their mood. The latest trend of infusing coffee with CBD makes a lot of sense due to its ability to balance out some of the more negative effects of coffee. Many like to drink coffee to improve productivity, concentration and focus. Not only has CBD been seen to also improve focus, but it also relaxes some of the anxiety and jitters that can be caused by coffee.

Is it legal?

In short, the answer is yes, CBD is legal as long as it does not contain THC and is now widely available from reliable health stores. The confusion of CBD’s legality often comes from its associations with cannabis. CBD and hemp come from the Cannabis Sativa plant and unlike marijuana, they are non-psychoactive. For this reason, CBD is legal in the UK.

Where can I get CBD coffee?

As the CBD trend grows and grows across the UK, many coffee shops are now offering drops of CBD oil in their drinks. The trend began is some of London’s most stylish independent coffee shops, but we are beginning to see it catch on in other big cities and local cafes. However, for those that want to make their own CBD coffee at home, shops are now making it easy with hemp-infused coffee you can make and enjoy in the comfort of your own home.


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