Guide to cooking with CBD

Guide to cooking with CBD
You probably already knew that you can cook with CBD drops. But did you know that you can also use CBD Coffee and CBD Chocolate in a bunch of different recipes? That’s right, there’s no end to its use!

Looking for some culinary inspiration? We discuss how you can use all three products below.

Cooking with CBD Drops

The easiest way to incorporate CBD into your cooking is by using CBD drops. As CBD is relatively tasteless (unless you choose a flavoured version) and you only need a few drops to benefit from its effects, you can add it to a huge variety of drinks and dishes.

Just adding a few drops to your smoothie or coffee will be enough for your daily dose of CBD. Plus, if you consume these drinks every day then it will help you to take your CBD regularly.

While you can add CBD to cooked foods, be aware that high temperatures can reduce its effectiveness. If this concerns you then you might prefer to use your CBD in things like sauces, raw brownies, or soup (once cooled).

Avoid using CBD in food that you need to heat above 170 degrees Celsius. Granted, this might be tricky with some confectionery recipes, but most things will still cook just as well on lower heat if they’re left to bake for a little longer.

To be even safer, instead of adding CBD to something like cake batter before baking, you can add it to the icing. See where you can make these simple switches from adding it to a heated component to adding it to a cool component!

Also, keep in mind that CBD is fat-soluble, so use your drops in fat-containing recipes (like oil or butter) for the best possible absorption into your body.

If you have flavoured CBD drops rather than unflavoured, you can still use these in your cooking — they can even add a complementary flavour to the recipe! For instance, if you have our Peppermint drops, these work wonderfully in any recipe that requires the addition of mint (think mint choc ice cream). And if you have our Chocolate & Hazelnut flavour, this will slip seamlessly into most chocolatey desserts.

Cooking with CBD Coffee

Do you already have some CBD infused ground coffee? Looking for ways to consume it other than in your morning cup?

While making a daily cafetiere is a great (and delicious) way to get into a routine of taking CBD, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t branch out with your coffee usage.

The great thing about CBD coffee is that you can use it in exactly the same way that you’d use regular coffee. So whether you love making coffee cake, coffee ice cream, or coffee biscuits, you can simply substitute the ground coffee in the recipe for CBD coffee.

When cooking with coffee, you are usually required to prepare a small amount of liquid coffee for the recipe. When doing this, always use fresh water just off the boil as it helps to extract the oils and aromas from the beans. Let it brew for longer than you would if you were drinking it — this will leave you with a concentrated liquid for a stronger coffee flavour.

Cooking with CBD Chocolate

Just like cooking with CBD coffee — if you add regular chocolate to a recipe, then you can add CBD chocolate!

As we’ve mentioned above, try not to endlessly melt and bake your chocolate at high heat, as this can affect the CBD. Still, this shouldn’t put you off experimenting with recipes, and seeing what works for you.

Look for CBD chocolates with a high cocoa and CBD content, like ours, to get the most out of your CBD and benefit from rich, aromatic flavours.

An Overview of Cooking with CBD

If you’re new to cooking with CBD, don’t fear! It’s difficult to go too far wrong.

We just recommend keeping an eye on how much you’re using if you want to consume a specific amount or keep a tab on your supplies!


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