The Benefits of Reishi Mushrooms - Discover All They're Good For

Reishi Mushroom - Discover Its Benefits

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Reishi mushrooms are a time-honoured fungus that has long been used to support a healthy lifestyle. Read on to discover the uses and benefits of reishi mushrooms. 

What Is The Reishi Mushroom? 

Reishi is a fungus that is native to East Asia. Here it can be found on stumps and the base of deciduous trees, such as the maple. It has a strong history in this region of the world, with it adopting a variety of names over the centuries, including the ‘spirit mushroom’ and ‘mushroom of immortality.’

While reishi mushrooms have an important place in many ancient traditions, they’re increasingly popular as a modern ingredient to support a healthy lifestyle. They contain a wide range of vitamins and minerals, being especially rich in vitamins B and D (learn more below). These mushrooms also contain various other key components including triterpenoids, amino acids and proteins.

Take triterpenoids, for example, reishi mushrooms are currently the only known source of these triterpene compounds, and when it comes to human health, they have a plethora of benefits. Triterpene consists of a rich chemistry that has caused it to be used for medicinal purposes in Asian countries. Research into one branch of triterpene has shown that it holds anti-inflammatory and anti-virus properties, to name just a couple

Similarly, amino acids and proteins are essential to our bodies. Protein is one of the major food groups our body needs to survive. When we eat high-protein foods, our body digests them, breaking them into their building blocks, amino acids. Depending on how these amino acids are arranged, they help to carry out a range of bodily functions. Therefore, protein plays a key role in cell production and repair, protecting the body from bacteria and virus infections, as well as muscle development through muscle protein synthesis (MPS).

Is It A Drug?

No, reishi is not a drug. It does not make you high or cause hallucinations. Instead, this type of mushroom is sold as a natural food supplement in the UK and is prized as a support for relaxation and an all-around healthy lifestyle. While certain types of mushrooms do have psychedelic effects, reishi is not one of these. In fact, they are legal in the UK as they do not contain any psychoactive ingredients. 

Why Do People Take Reishi Mushrooms?

There is a range of uses and benefits that have encouraged more and more people to turn to these mushrooms. As a wellness-boosting supplement, reishi is easy to incorporate into a healthy diet. Anyone wanting to feel full of youth and vitality, or looking for a supplement to support their efforts to de-stress and unwind is turning to reishi mushrooms.

As we have briefly mentioned, these mushrooms are extremely nutritious and as part of their nutritional DNA, they contain polysaccharides and peptidoglycans. Together these two components help to maintain regular cellular functions and are known to provide them with structural strength allowing them to withstand environmental stress and inflammation. 

Additionally, the boost of vitamins helps to maintain healthy bones through vitamin D with the complex vitamin Bs further supporting cellular health, brain function and general energy levels. With reishi mushrooms containing a combination of all these nutrients, it’s no surprise that many are turning to these supplements for a burst of goodness and energy.

Skin Lightening Properties

Reishi mushrooms are prized for their skin-enhancing benefits, including reducing the appearance of dark spots and scarring and keeping your skin hydrated. They are also believed to support your body’s production of ceramide, which forms a protective layer over your skin. 

Adding Reishi Mushrooms To Your Diet 

Reishi Mushroom Coffee Blend Ingredients

Now you know what reishi mushroom extract is good for, you may be wondering how you can incorporate it into your daily diet. And, the answer is simpler than you may think. 

Surprisingly, reishi mushroom is an excellent ingredient to mix with coffee, especially if you want to feel less jittery after enjoying your brew. There is now a wide range of mushroom coffees available to choose from, with reishi coffee blends pre-mixed to exactly the right proportions. 

With the addition of reishi to the coffee beans, the overall caffeine content is diluted and often halved. So now, suddenly, there's a coffee blend to enjoy without the worry of consuming too much caffeine.

But, did you know that coffee comes with other lesser-known benefits? In addition to caffeine, coffee contains antioxidants and active substances that propose some surprising perks. On top of some grander health claims, coffee can help you fight off certain illnesses. Combined with the added nutrients of reishi mushrooms, your reliable cup of coffee has never been so good. 

Things To Be Aware Of

Reishi mushrooms can have effects on the body so, as you would with any nutritional supplement, it's always best to check with your local GP.  This is highly recommended if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or currently on regular medication. And, of course, avoid taking reishi if you are allergic to mushrooms. While these coffee blends taste like coffee, they do contain mushrooms.

Get Your Intake Easily

Collection of Superfood Mushroom Lattes

Cheerful Buddha Mushroom Coffees are a perfect way to get the benefits of functional mushrooms, and consuming them in a hot drink helps the release of the beneficial ingredients. Our Reishi Mushroom Superfood Coffee Blend is infused with reishi mushroom along with organic MCT coconut oil, Ashwagandha, and Cacao to help the body maintain health and vitality, delivering adaptogens, polyphenols and other beneficial nutrients.

And, if you’re not a keen coffee drinker, you don’t need to miss out. Discover our range of mushroom lattes and hot chocolates. You can instead get your dose of reishi mushroom in our delicious Matcha Latte Blend.  


What does Reishi do for your skin? 

Reishi mushroom has a long tradition of being used to lighten skin, reduce the appearance of scarring and keep your skin hydrated and protected.

What is reishi mushroom extract good for?

Reishi mushrooms are an increasingly popular way to supplement a healthy lifestyle and there is a range of reputed reishi mushroom uses and benefits. Reishi mushroom extract is good for supporting your general health and well-being. It’s not a substitute for a healthy diet and lifestyle but its adaptogenic properties help support the healthy functioning of the body and mind.


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