The Benefits Of CBD Infused Coffee

The Benefits Of CBD Infused Coffee


Throughout time immemorial, coffee has powered, revived and revitalised people all over the world. Its heady mix of aroma and caffeine combine to create a drink enjoyed and revered by millions. But what if your daily cup could benefit you in more ways than you thought?

Why choose cannabidiol coffee?

Although many of the reported medical benefits are still being investigated, it is clear from those who use cannabidiol coffee that there are a number of immediate advantages to drinking it. CBD - an extract of cannabinoid - can now be found in a number of products, not least CBD coffee – such as Cheerful Buddha’s brew.

You may think that a product laced with a cannabis derivative isn't for you. But CBD is different, with very different properties. THC - the chemical found in cannabis, most commonly associated with feeling 'high' - doesn't exist in CBD. It is a much more mellow experience, and many people are now starting to understand this. Clearly, the positive effects are something to wake up and smell the coffee for.


Some believe CBD coffee is like pushing two magnets against each other - or opposites colliding. Taking something that gives us a buzz of energy and another that mellows us out, there’s that fear that it could all turn it into a bit of a battle and leave us feeling groggy. But this subtle mix of caffeine and CBD extract creates a mood-balancing, stress-relieving effect – even after the third or fourth cup!

Helps you focus

It’s widely accepted and known that coffee will help you focus, the downside to that is that drink too much of it and you may find yourself too alert. The beauty of CBD-infused coffee is that the CBD acts as the ying to the caffeine’s yang, keeping you focused but calm, an irresistible mix.

A stress-relieving, aromatic brew with stress-relieving properties. What more could you want?


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