Why CBD Coffee Is Better Than Traditional Coffee

Why CBD Coffee Is Better Than Traditional Coffee

Why CBD coffee is better than traditional coffee

Coffee has, until now, been touted as something of a miracle drink -  reviving when we are tired; and delicious when taken black or with milk (perhaps even more so with a shot of something a little bit alcoholic for special occasions!). It is the caffeine in coffee that works to wake us up, keeping us going to enable us to complete a work project or power through studying and examinations. But what if there was still something missing?

The endocannabinoid system is a little understood bodily system (think of the lymph gland system and the nervous system). The ECS is barely understood as yet, but it has been linked to fertility, cognition, pain, mood and memory amongst many other human factors. CBD (cannabidiol, the active ingredient in cannabis plants like hemp and marijuana) is thought to bind to these receptors, soothing inflammation and improving general health.

While it must be emphasised that the science is still a work in process with no medical claims able to be verified by experts, good results have been experienced by users of CBD products. The FDA in the USA is still investigating CBD benefits, so while the products are legal to sell, as long as they contain no detectable THC (the ingredient that makes you high), no US seller of CBD products can claim medical benefits as yet.

The good results mentioned above include reduction in fatigue, lessening of aches and pains – whether from ageing or from high-intensity exercise and training, reduction in seizures, easing of tight muscles, improvements to the digestive system, metabolism and restoration of appetite in ill people who need to keep up their calorie intake.

Then why not combine the two? With a cup of Cheerful Buddha CBD coffee, you get the benefits of CBD and caffeine together to set you up for the day.


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