How to enjoy CBD coffee

Our beans are finely ground so that you can enjoy your cup of coffee in a matter of minutes. Incredibly versatile, our luxury blend works well in cafetières, stove-top percolators, barista-style coffee machines and even reusable coffee pods. Just check the tube for the perfect ratio of coffee to water depending on how you make your coffee, so you can have the right strength, every time.

If you like to make your coffee in a cafetiere, we recommend four minutes as the perfect brew time; this will make a satisfying coffee that is neither too weak, nor too bitter. Once you’ve perfected the strength, serve with a milk and sweetener of your choice, although it’s just as delicious black.
Feel free to play around with how much coffee to water you prefer - you do you!

If you’re an avid baker, our CBD coffee can be used in any recipe which calls for coffee as an ingredient: stir into cake batter for an extra-enjoyable coffee cake, or combine with cocoa for a relaxing mocha.

The smoothest way to experience all the benefits of our CBD oil, all in one delicious mug.
We believe a good cup of coffee should be ethically sourced - our beans are from sustainable sources where we closely work with local farmers to ensure everyone is left feeling satisfied, from the producers to the drinkers.

Don’t worry - our coffee is free from the earthy tastes of raw CBD oil. Through rigorous testing, we’ve perfected our infusing and roasting technique to ensure we can create a delicious and aromatic cup of coffee, which has all the benefits of our CBD oil but none of the flavour.
All psychoactive compounds found in the raw plant have been removed, meaning our CBD coffee will leave you feeling pleasant and improve your wellness, without making you ‘high’.

Not only does our CBD make you feel great, but it can also help ease pains and discomforts - our customers have reported that has significantly eased serious aches and pains. If you suffer from sleeping difficulties, our CBD coffee can help you get a more restorative sleep.