CBD Chocolate: is it really that great?

CBD Chocolate: is it really that great?

At Cheerful Buddha, we wanted to create something that was inspired by the healing effects of Hemp plants whilst being as delicious as regular chocolate. Our CBD chocolate is the first of its kind, with cocoa beans sustainably sourced from the only cocoa plantation in Seram Island, Indonesia and 70mg of CBD - it’s a match made in chocolatey heaven.

We’ve looked at the normalisation of CBD products in the past and the knock-on effect that this causes. The more that people are educated on the health benefits of CBD oil, and how different it is from THC; the more public demand goes up. While CBD gummies are probably the most popular way of consuming CBD edibles, the growth in popularity means there are more exciting edible products to try out.

What better way to incorporate CBD into your daily life than with a tasty treat like chocolate?

CBD chocolate vs normal chocolate

You might be wondering, what does CBD chocolate actually do? Apart from tasting amazing, the combination of dark chocolate and CBD boast a wealth of health benefits.

Chocolate is delicious. Don’t trust anyone who says otherwise. We’re not insinuating that the only chocolate you should ever eat again is CBD chocolate, but there are certain health benefits to CBD chocolate that are not in normal chocolate.

Whilst the combination of dark chocolate and CBD emitting their own fantastic re-energising properties, regular chocolate containing a lot of sugar can make you feel lethargic. Being full of antioxidants means that dark chocolate is known to lower blood pressure and improve circulation. That’s the body taken care of, what about the mind? CBD is known to relieve symptoms of anxiety and cocoa beans are said to release the happy hormone - lovely endorphins.

Can you consume too much CBD chocolate?

How much is too much, really? 285 bars of our CBD chocolate, to be precise. While there aren’t many studies on the toxic levels of CBD, a 2011 study published in Current Drug Safety tells us that the “toxic” dose is somewhere around 20,000mg of CBD taken all at once. So, as our chocolate has a healthy dose of 70 mg CBD, you might start to have a bad time after eating 285 of them…all at once. They are delicious but consuming 285 in one sitting might be pushing it. Even if you DO consume the “toxic” dose, it’s not considered to be lethal. You’d experience an upset tummy, nausea, drowsiness, etc. but it’s not considered a threat to life.

Cheerful Buddha’s other CBD products

The popularisation of CBD oil has led to the surge in demand for accessible products. It’s important that CBD oil can easily slip into people’s lives. Thanks to this, consuming CBD oil is easier than ever! As well as our CBD chocolate, we have naturally flavoured CBD drops, CBD infused coffee, and superfood coffee blends. Strong tastes like coffee and chocolate are said to work well with CBD, so our product line is going in the right direction! Our CBD coffee is perfectly roasted, sustainably sourced, and contains 100mg of Hemp-derived CBD. Whether you prefer ground coffee or beans, decaf or caffeinated, our wide range of coffee will be sure to help you start your morning right. Pure CBD oil tends to have an earthy taste and not everyone likes that. So, we’ve produced 100% natural peppermint and chocolate & hazelnut CBD drops. Great to pop in your coffee or to drop straight into your mouth.

Try out our products for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.


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