Superfood vs Conventional Coffee - which is better?

Superfood vs Conventional Coffee - which is better?
The ongoing pandemic has caused us all to observe our health with a more scrutinising look. Coffee - being one of the most popular beverages that we consume on a daily basis - often leaves a question mark as to what it is actually doing to our bodies. Apart from giving us a cup of rejuvenation. Thus, the debate between conventional and superfood coffee has never been more relevant than in our present day.

As a frame of reference, coffee is one of the most traded agricultural commodities in the world - with over 12 billions pounds of coffee reportedly produced annually. So, as superfood have been longstanding on our supermarket shelves, they have now transitioned into the world of coffee in recent years too. It's natural for questions to start to arise on why you should abandon your go-to coffee for this latest craze. Here at Cheerful Buddha, we're ready to set the record straight.

What is the main difference between conventional coffee and superfood coffee?

Coffee is considered conventional if it is grown using synthetic fertilisers and chemicals, including pesticides and herbicides. It is regarded as one of the most heavily chemically treated foods. On the other hand, superfood coffee are blends infused with ingredients known for an abundance of health benefits like being high in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

What are the benefits of superfood coffee over conventional coffee?

As superfood coffee's ingredients are filled with healthy antioxidants, meaning the benefits are endless. Here are just a few:

  • Our superfood coffee blends at Cheerful Buddha are certified kosher, gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, dairy-free, and nut-free. In addition, our Lion's Mane and Chaga extracts are certified organic.
  •  As you may have guessed, superfood coffee is healthy coffee! You can rest easy with our superfood blends since they also go through rigorous quality control - a big bonus!
  • Your immune system will also gain a boost from switching to superfood coffee due to the multitude of antioxidants, more so than those found in conventional coffee. Antioxidants are proven to help strengthen your immune system and fight off certain diseases, making them essential to your daily dietary needs.

    What are the different types of organic coffees?

    At Cheerful Buddha, we offer a large range of superfood coffees for you to choose from.

    Chaga Mushroom Coffee Blend

    Our Chaga Mushroom Coffee Blend is perfect for those looking for a boost to their immune system and support overall heart and body health due to the numerous vitamins and minerals of chaga mushrooms. Interestingly, they have also been used as a traditional medicine for many years in Russia and northern European countries, proving their effectiveness.

    MCT Coconut Coffee Blend

    Not only are the healthy MCT fats found in this blend a great way for your body to rapidly absorb to activate your metabolism, this is the ideal blend for increased energy and focus.

    Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee Blend

    Having being used for thousands of years in Eastern medicine, Lion's Mane has been scientifically proven to boost cognitive function, as well as offer certain health benefits, such as tackling symptoms of depression and anxiety.

    As superfood coffee does not have the sort of harmful properties as conventional coffee has, they are a healthier choice for any coffee lover. Make sure to browse our range of superfood coffees to find your perfect match today.


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