CBD Chocolate - the rise of CBD edibles

CBD Chocolate - the rise of CBD edibles
CBD has taken the world by storm in recent years, with its popularity exploding. From candles to beauty products, you can now buy a large variety of everyday items that feature a touch of CBD. However, the most popular way to treat your body and mind to some CBD-infused tender loving care is by eating it, with a huge selection of CBD edibles now available.

One of the most commonly available types of CBD products are CBD gummies. Sweet and easy, chewing on some CBD gummies is a common way to enjoy some of the benefits that CBD can bring, so it’s little wonder that the CBD gummy market is going from strength to strength.

The benefits of a chocolate and CBD combination

Another popular type of CBD edible, and our personal favourite, is chocolate. With its earthy and nutty taste, CBD oil goes really well with dark chocolate, whose bitter edge balances it out. However, it’s not just your taste buds that will enjoy a dark chocolate and CBD combination — your whole body will thank you because dark chocolate has numerous health benefits. It can prevent cardiovascular disease, lower blood pressure, improve brain function, boost your immune system and more — making this deliciously dark treat 100% guilt free.

However, it’s not just good for your physical health. Simulating the release of endorphins, the chemicals in the brain that create feelings of pleasure, dark chocolate is also good for your mental health. This makes it a great match for soothing CBD oil because when the two are combined you’ll reap countless benefits, all whilst enjoying your favourite confectionery.

Our CBD bean to bar chocolate

Our selection of delicious CBD chocolate makes obtaining a healthy dose of dark chocolate and CBD oil easier (and tastier) than ever before. Featuring three unique flavours, all our CBD chocolate bars are dark, artisan, and made with 70% cocoa, giving them the positive health properties of dark chocolate as well as the re-energising properties of CBD — the perfect go-to treat when you need a pick me up. You could enjoy a few squares throughout the day for a slow and satisfying release of positive energy, or indulge in a bar in the evening to make sure you’re feeling calm and peaceful before winding down for bed.

Our bars are even available in three tasty flavours, so you can choose a CBD boost that will best please your taste buds. If you want to enjoy the plain and simple goodness of chocolate, you may like our natural bar but if you want a more flavourful experience, you may like to go for our refreshing mint bar or our fruity orange bar. Making it even sweeter, all our chocolate is sustainably-sourced and vegan-friendly, making it completely ethical, so you can savour it safe in the knowledge that it’s as good for the world as it is for you.

We also sell delicious CBD drops. Available in two flavours — cool peppermint and comforting hazelnut and chocolate — these drops are naturally flavoured and each 10ml bottle contains 500mg of pure CBD. Using CBD oil is perhaps the quickest and easiest way to consume some CBD goodness, and is especially perfect if you want to consume a CBD edible when you don’t feel like snacking on chocolate.

Discover our range of products and try CBD for yourself.


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