Why CBD should be at the top of your list in 2021

Why CBD should be at the top of your list in 2021
During the lockdown, more people than ever have been turning to CBD-based products, eager to improve their wellness. And the number of products containing CBD, including coffee and chocolate, has exploded over the last couple of years, making its benefits more accessible to everyone.

At Cheerful Buddha, we hope to educate people about this unique plant that has been cultivated by human civilisations over thousands of years. In fact, its Latin name even means 'useful plant'. If you’ve been intrigued by the positive conversations around CBD and you’re interested in giving it a try, here are our suggestions for the most effective ways to add CBD to your daily health and wellness regime.

CBD Coffee

Who doesn’t love a rich, satisfying and sustainably sourced cup of coffee first thing in the morning? Our CBD coffee is the effortless way to enjoy a perfectly roasted and precision infused cup, whether you prefer a caffeine buzz or a relaxing and full flavoured decaf.

If you’ve been put off CBD oil because of its earthy taste, then CBD infused coffee is the perfect solution. You’ll enjoy all the buzz and benefits of CBD plus antioxidant-rich coffee without the jitters of pure caffeine. And, should you choose our full-flavoured decaf, you could find that CBD infused coffee helps you deal with the effects of coronasomnia for a better night’s sleep.

CBD Chocolate

Dark chocolate is already packed with polyphenols with a proven range of health benefits, including lowering blood pressure. Infusing ‘bean to bar’ single estate dark chocolate with CBD oil also boosts levels of anandamide, the so-called ‘bliss molecule’.

Our 73% luxury dark chocolate is also the perfect choice for a range of delicious recipes, from dark and spiky chilli to the most sumptuous cakes. Our handcrafted bars have a spicy sensory profile and are free from palm oil, refined sugars, animal products and emulsifiers, so they’re perfect for vegans.

If you prefer to enjoy your chocolate in its natural state, nibbling a couple of squares in the evening after a stressful day might be the ultimate way to relax. It pairs particularly well with a glass of full-bodied red wine thanks to its rich and complex flavours. CBD Chocolate could be the perfect way to enjoy all the health and wellbeing benefits of two of nature’s most significant mood enhancers.

CBD Drops

CBD oil is probably the best-known way of harnessing the health and wellbeing properties of CBD. Our oil is extracted using supercritical C02 extraction. It’s the gold standard for premium oils, and ours are tested and certificated by one of the most sophisticated laboratories in Europe. They can also be used by professional athletes looking to support their fitness.

Our naturally flavoured CBD drops contain 500mg pure CBD per 10ml bottle for a 5% concentration. As with our CBD coffee, we’ve eliminated the earthy flavour by blending our CBD oil with a choice of natural peppermint or chocolate & hazelnut essential oils for a truly delicious taste experience.

When taking CBD oil, start by making things simple. Begin by trying 5-10 drops under the tongue, allowing the active compounds to enter the bloodstream via your mouth’s mucus membrane. Or why not try adding drops to your favourite sweet recipes, hot chocolate or cocktails?

At Cheerful Buddha, our CBD is 100% natural and manufactured from industrial hemp grown in the UK. We also ensure that our CBD products are vegan-friendly, gluten-free, lactose-free, organic and non-GMO so everyone can enjoy them and add CBD to their wellness routines.

Our premium CBD oil, CBD coffee and CBD chocolate are carefully selected to deliver the maximum benefit with the optimum safety profile. Browse our premium product ranges, or contact us to find out more.


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